Surfpreneurs Club

A community of entrepreneurs with surf & lifestyle focused brands


What is The Surfpreneurs Club?

The Surfpreneurs Club is a collection of likeminded individuals from all over the world, brought together by a love of surfing and the entrepreneurial spirit.

Surfpreneurs come together to inspire & help one another, to share ideas and solve problems, or to simply trim across the waves with each other.

The Surfpreneurs Club is the platform for which all of this happens, through a combination of a private online community, and exclusive in person Camps.

We're already sharing the stoke, how about you? Join the club.


Upcoming CAMPS

Portugal, October 2017


Imagine what can happen if you mix surf entrepreneurs from different countries and backgrounds – Magic! New collaborations, new projects, new friends and good times.

Spend 3 days meeting cool people, having fun and surfing, all while getting work done and building your business.

The Surfpreneur Camp schedule includes talks & mastermind sessions, a surf film festival, meals & drinks, co-working… and of course, surfing world class waves!


Previous camps


In October 2016 the Surfpreneurs Camp was run in Lisbon, Portugal. This was an awesome location because of its vibrant startup scene, great nightlife, and of course the Ericeira world surfing reserve right on our doorstep. Check out the event video and some photos from our time together.




Derek Dodds 🇺🇸
Wave Tribe

“Waves. Surfboards. Wisdom. Friendship. Brotherhood. My experience at the Surfpreneur’s camp was epicly awesome. Surfers with big hearts helping each other paddle to the next phantom set in life and business. I can’t wait until the next one—see you there!”

Christian Dittrich 🇸🇪

“Putting twenty bright, creative entrepreneurs with a shared passion under the same roof can only result in good things. Personally, I got lots of value out of it, not only from a networking perspective but also in making a bunch of new friends.”

Simon Einstein 🇺🇸
Surf Scholar

“The format of the camp made it easy to connect on a business and personal level. Looking forward to see what these new friendships bring in the future!”

Surfpreneur story


Hey, we are James and Peter, and this is how the Surfpreneur Camp came to life.

We both share a love of surfing and our businesses focus on the surfing lifestyle. Naturally, we always talk with each other about our work to share ideas, and even though Surf Office (Peter) and SETT Surf (James) are very different companies, our conversations are always incredibly interesting and enjoyable.

Then one day we thought ‘Wouldn’t it be cool to get other surf focused brands to join us; we would all learn a lot, meet some cool people and have a great time doing it.

This was the catalyst for the Surfpreneurs Camp.

If you (like us) enjoy sharing stories & inspiration, and meeting likeminded people over food, drinks, and waves then why don’t you join us? We would love to hear from you.